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How To Get a Library Card

Free library cards are issued to applicants meeting the following criteria:

  • Persons (families) owning property and living within the district. Minors ages 5-13 must have parental or guardian signature to receive a library card.

  • Persons (families) renting property within the district.

  • Persons owning property within the district but living outside any library service area. One card per family.

  • Click here to see our district map

Non-residence library cards are issued to applicants meeting the following criteria:

  • If a person resides or moves out of the district into an unserved, untaxed area, a non-resident fee will be charged. Annual non-resident fee according to state formula is $140.00 per household.

General Rules regarding library cards:

  • Library cards expire after 2 years and need to be renewed in person at the library with proof of current residence. There is a $2.00 replacement fee if a card is lost, stolen, or damaged. This fee is charged even if the lost card is expired.

  • All library cards from members of the Reaching Across Illinois Library System will be honored at the Cherry Valley Public Library District, just as our cards will be honored at other member libraries. Our books may be returned to any member library and their books may be returned to us.

  • Materials (with the exception of breakable music CDs) may be returned in the bookdrop when the library is closed.

  • The use of the library and its services may be denied for due cause, such as failure to return library materials or pay fines, destruction of library property, or objectionable conduct on library premises.

  • Patrons are responsible for library materials while they are in their care. Fines equaling the cost of damage will be charged to patrons who deface, destroy, or damage library material. The library realizes that normal wear and tear will occur. Patrons are responsible for checking the condition of materials before checking them out and alerting the library staff to defects or damage.

  • Patrons are responsible for all costs and fines associated with the use of their library card. All material checked out on a patron's card is his/her responsibility, and in the case of a minor, the responsibility of the parent. There is a $5.00 processing fee in addition to the cost of lost or damaged material. The library will purchase a replacement copy.

  • New patron registration forms can be printed, filled out and brought to the Cherry Valley Library. Adult form or Child form

Cherry Valley Public Library District • 755 East State Street • Cherry Valley, IL 61016 • 815-332-5161
Questions or comments? • Contact us at webmaster@cherryvalley.lib.il.us