According to Kit

According To Kit

Eugenie Doyle

Kit struggles with home-school until a substitute dance teacher shows up.

Luis is brilliant and gorgeous. He transforms her days …
Kit’s life was simple—farm work, school, and dance—until her beloved dance teacher, Ursula, gets sick and her mother decided to home school Kit because of an incident at school. Kit doesn’t know how she can possibly deal with her mother, the Lady of Sorrows, and she can’t stand not dancing. The senior students take over giving lessons at the dance studio, giving Kit some respite from her daily struggles with her mother. The arrival of Luis and Clara, professional dancers, who will serve as substitutes at the studio transform her days and give her hope. The new dance teacher is very supportive of Clara, even encouraging her to apply for a special dance school in Montreal and volunteering to take her to the competition and, personally, introduce her to the director and then Kit’s life gets really interesting.

  • Ages: 14 -17
  • Grades: 9 - 12
  • Pages: 136

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Recent Reviews

The coming-of-age conclusion is satisfying, and the descriptions of Kit losing herself in the music as she performs ballet steps will strike a chord with those who love dance.

—Kirkus Reviews

Doyle has chosen every word carefully, from her descriptions of the frozen Vermont winter, the daily details of farm life, the physicality of dance, the raw emotions of adolescence, and the betrayal of adults. Her characters are complicated and authentic, if not universally likeable; the grownups in particular are often puzzling. Kit’s obsession with ballet and her compulsion to dance at any price will ring true for all teens equally focused on their own talents.


Honors for According To Kit

  • The Society of School Librarians International: Language Arts: Grade 7-12 Novels: Honor Book
  • New York State Reading Association—Suggested Reading List 2011-20-12