City of Cannibals

City of Cannibals

Ricki Thompson

London, 1536. Dell ventures into the City of Cannibals.

“You will not show yourself to the boy.”
“Yes. I mean, I won’t, Father.”
“Or venture past you mother’s cross.”
He gripped his spoon as if it were a knife.

“You know why it is called the City of Cannibals.”It’s 1536, and Dell lives on an isolated hillside with her bitter auntie and drunken father. Father has warned Dell never to venture past her mother’s grave to the City of Cannibals. But unanswered questions plague Dell. Why did her parents leave the court of Henry VIII? Was her mother’s death really an accident? And what about the mysterious Brown Boy who leaves sacks of supplies for her family?

Dell risks traveling to the City of Cannibals. Once inside London, she is not eaten alive but is confronted with a different horror—the Oath of Allegiance. If she and the Brown Boy don’t sign, they could be executed. Dell has good reason not to sign. But who can defy King Henry VIII and live?

  • Ages: 13 - 17
  • Grades: 9 - 12
  • Pages: 192

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Recent Reviews

Thompson’s England is authentically vulgar, and her grasp of period slang—as well as Dell’s burgeoning sexual desires—is expert. Packed with rich metaphor, this is a challenging but rewarding read.


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