The Classroom at the End of the Hall

The Classroom at the End of the Hall

Douglas Evans | Illustrated by Larry DiFiori

Humorous lessons about schools, teachers, and kids.

Each chapter of this humorous mystery tells a tall tale that teaches a lesson about schools, teachers, and kids.

”They say the classroom at the end of the hall is haunted.” Extraordinary things happen in that room. For example, when Roger steps outside to clap the erasers, the large cloud of chalk dust turns into a genie; Emily discovers a resident messy-desk pest living in her desk; and Charlie’s new art teacher looks remarkably like his stick figure drawings. Go figure!

  • Ages: 9 - 11
  • Grades: 4 - 6
  • Pages: 138

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Recent Reviews

The custodian at the W. T. Melon Elementary School tells some tall tales about ghosts and mischief in the building. You can believe them, or laugh, or both.

—New York Times Book Review

A refreshing debut, and a good choice for a middle-grade classroom read-aloud.

—Publishers Weekly

What children will enjoy is the funny exaggeration of a third-grade classroom.