Lilly and the Pirates

Lilly and the Pirates

Phyllis Root | Illustrated by Rob Shepperson

Lilly’s sets off in search of the fabled Shipwreck Islands.

A letter from the Scientific Institute has Lilly’s parents whispering in their tent. Where are they off to next? The Dire Desert? The camels might get lost. The Mountains of No Return? A passing yodeler might start an avalanche that would bury them all. Lilly tries to be like Millicent Murray—the hero of her favorite mysteries—but the genes that made her scientist parents brave have skipped right over her. Still, she’s never been left behind when they’ve set off on an expedition, until now.

Her parents are headed for the fabled Shipwreck Islands in search of the rare frangipani fruit fly. If Lilly has to travel over all that water, she will die of fear. So she agrees to stay behind with her Great-uncle Earnest in Mundelaine, the last place anyone would expect to find adventure. Except—who is the man with a patch on one eye and a brace of pistols stuck in a scarlet sash tied around his middle? And why is he holding an empty birdcage? Surely there can’t be pirates in Mundelaine!

Lilly soon finds herself knee deep in worries. She must unravel the piratical mystery, find the fabled islands, and save her shipwrecked parents. But with her dreadful fear of water and a passel of treasure-hungry pirates in her wake, how can she succeed?

  • Ages: 11 and up
  • Grades: 5 and up
  • Pages: 238

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Recent Reviews

7 Lilly’s transformation from skittish bookworm to swashbuckling pirate girl is the real buried treasure in this enjoyably preposterous, emotionally resonant, library-revering adventure. Shepperson’s cartoonish pencil illustrations are as wonderfully detailed, action-packed and good-humored as the story.

—Kirkus Reviews