Mouth Moths

Douglas Evans | Illustrated by Larry DiFiori

More misadventures in the classroom at the end of the hall.

One of the four rules posted above the blackboard in the tall teacher’s classroom is “Raise your hand to talk,” but Paul can’t seem to stop himself from just blurting out whatever he has to say–that is, until confetti-like moths begin fluttering around his face every time he opens his mouth. Not surprisingly–given the way things work at W. T. Melon Elementary School–there is a solution that Paul soon comes to learn. And so it goes with Kimberly, who has a bad habit of cutting in line, and Zachary, who can’t seem to stay put in his chair.

  • Ages: 9 - 11
  • Grades: 4 - 6
  • Pages: 112

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Recent Reviews

While creatively presenting familiar challenges, the nine stories are both entertaining and supportive. Small, witty cartoons add punch to the stories.


Kids and teachers alike will recognize most (if not all) of the students starring in each chapter of this funny collection of classroom tales. ...Funny and easy to read, this is a great book for the beginning of the school year when teachers go over classroom rules. Kids will love it.

—Children's Literature

Each stand-alone story in this collection contains a lesson about behavior that is never pedantic and always replete with warmth and humor.

—Kirkus Reviews

School stories are always in demand and this group of light stories will fit right in. Beginning with the posted classroom rules: Raise your hand to talk; Keep your hands to yourself; Stay in your seat; and Use a soft voice, chapters include situations to which most students can relate, with interesting twists to keep readers thinking. ...Perhaps not the most inventive school story, but one that will engage young readers and the teachers who choose to read it aloud. This is another title in the author's books about W.T. Melon Elementary School. Recommended.

—Library Media Connection

Entertaining tales.

—Horn Book Guide