Summer of The Skunks

Wilmoth Foreman

A magical summer in the late 1940s.

What Mama doesn’t know is, I’m in trouble, and I’m not even out of bed yet.

When a mama skunk moves in under the house with her babies, ten-year-old Jill and her family must tiptoe around, trying not to disturb them. “If we scare that mama skunk, she’ll spray, and this house will stink to high heavens,”-Mama says. For Jill and her siblings, a hilarious series of misadventures follows. Margo, the big sister who disdains country living, big sister who disdains country living, a pet. Fourteen-year-old Calvin has a plan for everything—getting rid of the skunks, secretly helping a family friend, and scaring off an annoying freeloading relative. Josh, the youngest, complicates life for them all. Jill’s limitless spunkand courage help her endure the humorous trials of being the little sister in a family of characters

  • Ages: 11 - 14
  • Grades: 6 - 9
  • Pages: 152
  • E-book: $7.95

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Recent Reviews

Jill’s perception of her arrogant, seemingly perfect sister and independent brother, and her struggle to bond with them through their adventures is a wonderful example of family life and the need to find one’s place. The girl is a strong heroine who is likable for her spirit and earnest nature.

—School Library Journal

A sweetly episodic novel. Warmly, quietly memorable.

—Kirkus Reviews

The theme of family closeness resounds loudly over the current of the siblings’ frequent bickering, and the descriptions of catching frogs, fishing or even playing Monopoly have an old-fashioned appeal.

—Publishers Weekly

There’s more triumph than tragedy in this country idyll, which doesn’t seem so idyllic for middle-child Jill, whose two older sibs, both deep in the throes of adolescence, treat her with scorn one moment and affection the next. … With its sturdy, likable preteen narrator, a cast of recognizable characters (plus one notably mercurial milk cow), and a sunny emotional climate wracked by intense but passing storms, this will appeal to readers in search of stories that are not about broken homes, abuse, ugly secrets, racial prejudice, or (with the exception of a pet) death.


Honors for Summer of The Skunks

  • Volunteer State (Tennessee) Book Award Master LIst
  • Book of Note—Tri State YA Review Committee of PA, DE, NJ