Tusk and Stone

Tusk and Stone

Malcolm Bosse

Arjun, a Brahmin boy, is sold into slavery.

Arjun, 14, and his younger sister are traveling to the city when their caravan is attacked by bandits and they are separated. Arjun is sold into the army, and from then on the story is about his survival, his search for his sister, and his travels from one experience and opportunity to the next. Born into the Brahmin class, the boy loses this privilege when he is captured and sold, and must learn much about humility and prejudice. He is instructed in the care and training of elephants, becomes a mahout and a legendary warrior, is wounded in battle, and again taken prisoner, this time becoming a stone carver.

  • Ages: 11 - 14
  • Grades: 6 - 9
  • Pages: 240

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Recent Reviews

Bosse creates a rich and detailed world in this story of a young Brahmin of seventh-century India … truly exceptional.


Bosse is a master of description and historical detail.

—School Library Journal

[A]n interesting immersion into a time and place that are seldom explored.

—Multicultural Review