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Expansion Update


Work In Progress

The Planning (archived December 2011)

Eight planning meetings with David Hagney of Hagney Architects have taken place since September. The initial meeting gathered facts from the entire library staff. Six subsequent meetings asked the public how they use the library, their opinions of space and services, and what ideas they would like to see incorporated into a building addition. The focus of two of these meetings was energy efficiency and emerging energy technologies that could be used to save taxpayers’ money for operational costs such as electricity, heating, and cooling. Mr. Hagney met recently with library management staff to help determine space needs for each function and the arrangement of these functions to provide a smooth flow.

Additionally, the library board has met monthly with Mr. Hagney. Individually, members have visited other library and public facilities for in-person brick-and-mortar ideas that may be incorporated. Next steps include the development of a building program statement and a schematic design.

The library board and director remain aware of the serious state of local, state, and national economies. The intent is to take advantage of any opportunities that may occur, while continuing on a prudent and fiscally responsible path of planning for the future.

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